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Images from Botswana, Namibia, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa 

wild dog
the soul of a lion
etosha landscape
wildebeest at sunset
ostrich family outing
secretary bird
sand lizard, Botswana
wildebeest in sunset shower
weaver birds
wildebeest in rain
successful cheetah hunt
Namib landscape
Mara sunset
flying finches
the ostrich's journey
wildebeest crossing river
meerkat lookout duty
Mara giraffe
Kalahari lions
lion sunset
Mara landscape
fighting hippos
fighting gemsbok
elephant mudbath
desert landscape
desert elephants
tree at sunset
ground cricket with cricket prey
weaver birds bathing
a vanishing species
Ugandan Hartebeest
quiver tree
silent roar
lilac breasted roller
desert chameleon
young vervet monkey
foraging meerkat
wild dog
the elephant's scratching tree
Damara dik dik
secretary bird
giraffe, Etosha
Kudu at waterhole
silverback gorilla
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