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Experiencing a 'kill' is something many safari-goers hope to see.  I never wanted to, but it's happened a couple of times and is fairly inevitable if you observe the big cats. My feelings are mixed, for one thing it's not as traumatic as I thought.  Big cats kill to eat and feed their young.  Far more efficient than a domestic cat which kills for fun, or plays with it's live prey for a while then discards it.  We observed a lioness take down and kill an antelope in a matter of seconds, then fetch her two very young cubs to the carcass. They didn't quite know what to do with it.


On another occasion  we saw a female cheetah chase down a young antelope for her 5 cubs - the cubs were left to dispatch the antelope - a vital life lesson for them. It doesn't give me a great deal of pleasure that this has been one of my most successful nature images.


Kenya Masai Mara

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