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I have a passion for wildlife and nature and enjoy combining my photography with the inspiration I draw from the natural world.


African nature and wildlife are the subjects of much of my work, but I’m equally fascinated by the nature and wildlife in and around my home.


Sometimes a conventional photograph doesn’t reflect fully what I see in my mind’s eye, and I like to experiment with both in-camera and post-processing techniques to express the mood and spirit I want to convey. 

A slideshow runs through the images on this page, or go to 'albums' for more.

If you would like a print of any of my images please contact me at

the soul of a lion
shoebill portrait
bath time
silent roar
the ostrich's journey
Mara sunset
desert runner
etosha landscape
hiding leopard
ostrich family outing2
fox profile
secretary bird
what now_!
weaver birds
elephant tail
elephant detail
misty flamingos
wildebeest in rain
2 sheep
flying pelicans
ground cricket with cricket prey
the banana bird
meerkat lookout duty
wild dog
the klipspringer and the moonrise
gemsbok fight
a hard night's foraging
fighting gemsbok
desert landscape
desert chameleon
meal or no meal
Namib coastline
windswept in Etosha
sunset stroll
cheetah lookout
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