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Lisa Bukalders LRPS 
10 of my photos were assessed at The Royal Photographic Society. After intense scrutiny by 5 judges I was awarded ‘Licentiateship of The Royal Photographic Society’ (LRPS) – a distinction of photographic merit.


It might sound relatively easy to present 10 good photos, but they have to be presented in a panel which hangs together as a display in its own right, the panel itself represents the so called "11th image". All the 10 images must look in harmony with each other, symmetrically, colour and so on and the order of photos and quality of printing and absence of processing faults is as important as the images themselves. The images need to be of a high technical standard, portray a variety in approach and technique, and show evidence of creative ability. Some of my favourite photos just wouldn’t have worked in the panel.  I finally got the results I wanted, and luckily the judges agreed!

1 young meerkat foraging
2 weaver birds
3 Namib landscape
4 Koringkriek (Armoured Ground Cricket)
5 desert chameleon
6 Ugandan Hartebeest
7 gemsbok
8 wildebeest in sunset shower
9 elephant mudbath3
10 Kalahari lions
Lisa Bukalders hanging plan LRPS

Royal Photographic Society (RPS) - Digital Imaging group


The Digital Imaging Group is the largest Special Interest Group within the RPS.

The image 'Ostrich Family Outing' has done very well in International Salons, and also achieved a Gold medal in the 2018 Digital Imaging Group annual projected image competition.

ostrich family outing
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